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Here’s how the taxman will come after South African expats

If you have a good job overseas‚ living in a country where the tax rate is 25%‚ but your salary falls into South Africa’s 45% tax bracket‚ the taxman now wants to come after you to collect the difference of 20%.

Jerry Botha‚ a managing partner at Tax Consulting‚ said the draft tax law amendments for 2017‚ which have been published by National Treasury‚ propose a far harsher tax treatment on people earning their livelihood abroad.

He said the draft law recommends that the exemption section 10(1)(o)(ii) be completely repealed.

“This means foreign employment income will become fully taxable‚ and the only relief may be claimed is foreign taxes paid as a tax credit. For example‚ where the employee falls into the 45% tax bracket and pays 25% tax in the foreign country‚ the SARS will now collect the difference of 20%‚” he explained.

The current tax law determines that South African tax residents abroad must disclose their world-wide income to the South African Revenue Service (SARS)‚ and may then claim an exemption on their employment income physically earned outside South Africa.

The then Minister Pravin Gordhan announced in his 22 February 2017 Budget Speech that changes to this section were on the horizon. The suggestion was made that the exemption should not apply where the employee is not being taxed in the foreign country.

“There are limited options for South Africans abroad‚ should this law take effect‚” Botha said.

“One alternative would be to properly emigrate‚ in which case there is a deemed disposal capital gains tax event. SARS probably anticipates this likely move‚ as the 2016/17 tax return now has a specific disclosure hereon‚ which never previously existed.

“Other taxpayers are looking at establishing tax treaty residency in another country‚ but this is not as simple as getting a tax residency certificate somewhere else. Anyone who has been through a SARS process (on this) would know how complex this may become.

Botha said this move by the taxman could see more South Africans doing a cost estimate and possibly returning home.

“We have seen some expatriates indicating that with full tax on international employment income‚ which is what is effectively proposed‚ coupled with the high costs of international work‚ coming home may be their only alternative‚” he said.

The comment deadline on the draft law is 18 August 2017. It is set to take effect from 1 March 2019.

Source: Times Live

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DATE: 23 July 2017 @ 18:00
24 July 2017 @ 21:00
VENUE: The Old Star, Queen Street-The Old Star, Uttoxeter, England, ST14 8HJ Uttoxe, UK

South African Band Touring the UK in summer of 2017.  Visit the club to enjoy live music and entertainment and have a good time with fellow South African Expats.


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DATE: 22 July 2017
TIME: 13:00 – 22:00
VENUE: Wimbledon Common Park SW19 7HX, London, England
CATAGORY: Bring & Braai

Hi All
Thought this will be a good time to have a lekka kuier. Please bring your family along for bring and braai.

For those who would just like to pop around and say HI… i will make sure there will be some food on sale ??

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Seven things South African expats need to get used to after moving to the States

Seven things expats need to get used to after moving to the States- You’d better get used to these as soon as possible.

1. People will love your accent

Several times a day, you’ll hear people say, “Oh, my. I love how you speak.”

2. People will love your accent and then try and guess where you’re from

Once they’ve admitted how much they love how you say ‘water’, you’ll be involved in a guessing game where the person tries to guess if you’re British, South African or Australian.

3. Your sarcasm might go undetected at first

Humour is different all over the world. The dryness of British or South African wit can sometimes confuse the average American. Don’t take offence, but also be aware that you may well be offending people inadvertently with what you think is really funny.

4. People will try to impersonate your accent

Let them try. That really is funny, the world over.

5. Your tiny town is probably completely unknown

Where you’re from is not really as important as its proximity to somewhere big. Even if you live nowhere near London, or Johannesburg, work out the approximate mileage before you go so that you can legitimately say, “I’m from a little place about 600 miles outside of Johannesburg.”

6. Americans’ friendliness can be startling at first

Americans are genuinely friendly people. For more reserved nations, this can be disconcerting. Roll with it – you’ll be exactly the same in just a few years’ time.

7. You’ll be asked about politics, exchange rates, and other things you probably know very little about

Study your country’s history before you go. People love that kind of small talk at parties.

Source: The South African
Author: Caryn Edwards

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South African Racer to compete at the Must See Racing Sprint Car Series in America

Vaal Triangle resident, Jacques Roos, will represent South Africa at the Must See Racing Sprint Car Series in America this Saturday.

Roos, who is well-known among racing enthusiasts in the Vaal, will make his debut at the Midvale Speedway in Ohio. Roos was offered the opportunity by the McCune family, who have in recent years travelled to South Africa to compete in sprint car events. According to local media, the connection between the Roos family and the McCune family goes back some eight years when two-time defending series champion Jimmy McCune first travelled to South Africa and raced for Roos’ father, Johan.

Now, Roos will have the opportunity to race alongside his long-time friend at the Midvale Oval. Roos is a former winner of the United States vs. South Africa sprint car Invitational as well as the current championship leader in the winged sprint car division at Ultimate Raceway this season. Roos said that Saturday’s race at Midvale may be his toughest challenge yet.

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Fly to Dalaman: taste the robust flavours of Turkey and delve into ancient worlds

Dalaman will take you on a whirlwind journey from 3000 BC, introducing you to ancient Persian and Ottoman empires, before inviting you for an irresistible nightcap of rakı and börek. Dalaman is situated on the south-western coast of Turkey and is home to a population of about 27,000. Surrounding attractions include Sultaniye Thermal Spa and Kaunos Ancient City.

Click here to check flights to Dalaman

Taste the robust flavours of Turkey and delve into ancient worlds with cheap flights to Dalaman. Dalaman is home to Dalaman International Airport (DLM), which is a 10-minute drive from the city centre. Dalaman International Airport serves Turkish Airlines. Popular international flights to Dalaman depart from Johannesburg and Cape Town. Flight duration from Johannesburg to Dalaman is approximately 12 hours 15 minutes.

Why visit Dalaman

  • Turkish Cuisine

    Central Asian, Middle Eastern and Balkan influences fuse together in dishes that are gastronomical masterpieces. Get ready for an earth shattering journey into the deliciously colourful world of Turkish cuisine.

  • Ancient History

    Since its settlement in 3000 BC, the province of Muğla has offered sanctuary to Persians, Romans and Ottomans. Crumbling ruins and shabby city streets rustle with tales of ancient worlds.

  • Exotic Beaches

    Dalaman is a gateway to the most beautiful beaches in Turkey. Be awed by the shimmering turquoise water and buttermilk sands of Kaputas and Oludeniz. Surreal Mediterranean utopias beckon seductively.

Best time to visit Dalaman

Dalaman experiences a hot Mediterranean climate, with temperatures ranging from 35 degrees Celsius in summer to 5 degrees Celsius in winter. Dalaman is a city of wet winters and hot summers. Although the summer (June to August) months can see blistering temperatures settling over the city, it is generally considered the best time to visit for beach holidays. The average sea temperature during summer is 23 degrees Celsius. Autumn (September to November) and spring (March to May) are great times to visit if you want to experience everything the city has to offer without the summer crowds. Winter (December to February) offers warm temperatures, but experiences significant rainfall. For cheap flights to Dalaman the best months to visit are from December to February.

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Fly to Dresden: Beautiful sights to visit including Zwinger

Dresden, Saxony’s state capital, is a cultural centre in Germany. With a population of over 520 000 residents, it is home to many of the country’s historical landmarks, theatres, museums, and world-class attractions. Dresden offers you the opportunity to explore them all. The leading tourist attractions of the city include Dresden Frauenkirche, Zwinger, and Semperoper.

Click here to check flight to Dresden

Prepare yourself to discover this beautiful destination, because cheap flights to Dresden are now available for a limited time! Dresden is home to the Dresden Airport (DRS), which is a 20-minute drive or an efficient 10-minute train ride from the city centre. Dresden Airport serves a multitude of airlines, including Lufthansa, Swissair, and KLM. Popular connecting flights to Dresden depart from Johannesburg and Cape Town. Flight duration from Johannesburg is approximately 12 hours and 35 minutes.

Why visit Dresden

  • Magnificent Nature

    Discover the enchanting greenery and wildlife in Dresden, at locations such as the Grand Garden of Dresden, Dresdner Parkeisenbahn, Zoo Dresden, and Wildgehege Moritzburg.

  • Stunning Architecture

    The majestic structures around Dresden will definitely have you exploring the city’s streets for days. Beautiful sights to visit include Zwinger, Blaues Wunder, and Brühl’s Terrace.

  • Classic Entertainment

    Treat yourself to the high-class entertainment offered at the theatres and movie theatres in Dresden, including Semperoper and Staatsschauspiel.

Best time to visit Dresden

Dresden enjoys a moderate climate throughout the year, making it ideal to visit at any time you want. Make sure to avoid the main tourist season, however, which is from May to late October (late spring to the middle of autumn). The weather during this period is the best, but it draws the highest volume of tourists and hotel rates reach their peak. The low season is during the winter months (December – February), with cloudy skies and frequent occurrences of snowfall. There are still sunny days during this period, so you should pack in the appropriate clothing. There will be fewer queues, more availability and better hotel rates, although, you may find the weather to be unpleasant at times. An ideal time to go is between the low and high seasons, in April. The weather is cool during this period and you will have plenty of accommodation offers to choose from and only a small number of tourists to deal with.

Click here to check flight to Dresden

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Sunday, 16 July 2017 20:00 – 22:00
VENUE: Half Moon Putney, 93 Lower Richmond Road, SW15 1EU, London.
Category: Music

The two time Emmy nominated critically acclaimed South African comedian LOYISO GOLA comes to The Half Moon, Putney on 16th July with his brand new show, Unlearning, before taking it to the Edinburgh festival.

As seen in the UK on Mock the Week, and in Suth Africa on Late Nite with Loyiso Gola, Phat Joe Live, Pure Monate Show and Dinner with the President.

Returning to the Fringe with his brand new show, Loyiso challenges societal norms, making you question everything you thought you knew about politics, race, history and more, all delivered with his signature satirical wit.

‘Nothing short of hilarious… expertly crafted… a real Fringe highlight’ **** Three Weeks

‘A thinker masquerading as a fool’ Mens Health

‘Hilarious and heartwarming’ Herald

‘Brought the house down!’ Wall Street Journal

Plus the award-winng comedian FRANCESCO DE CARLO with his new show, Comfort Zone

A show about life outside your comfort zone: politics, people, and what you discover when you leave your sofa to become a foreigner. Toured with Comedy Sans Frontieres alongside Eddie Izzard and Dylan Moran. Supported Tommy Tiernan on his UK 2016 tour. As seen on Unspun with Matt Forde (Dave).

‘English may not be his first language… but he is fluent in comedy’ **** (ThreeWeeks).

‘If I was an Italian comedian performing in English, I would want to be as funny as Francesco De Carlo’ (Eddie Izzard).

Tickets just £8

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South African Expats (SAFFAs) Moving to the UK

Expats moving to the UK do so for various reasons. Whatever your motivation may be, your move to the UK holds the advantage that you won’t need to learn a new language from scratch. InterNations has lots of useful information on moving to the UK, from life in London to UK visa regulations.

Many of its characteristics make moving to the UK an attractive option. As a business destination, the United Kingdom, composed of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, has one major asset which outweighs its counterparts in other European countries with similar living standards and working conditions: the language. After all, English is the international language of business and trade taught in schools across the globe.

The UK is a densely populated country, with a considerable share of its roughly 64.5 million people living in the south of the UK. Just over 80% of the UK’s population consists of city dwellers. Great parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland are less urbanized and less affluent leading to people leaving for the UK’s southern regions.

The “It” Places for Expats in the UK
If you are moving to the UK for academic reasons, you’ll discover that practically every city has at least one university. All UK universities boast large numbers of international students who move to the UK from all corners of the earth and are usually very well cared for. If you move to the UK to get a university degree, moving to one of the UK’s smaller university towns can sometimes prove to be more rewarding for your social life: most of these universities have a bit of a campus feel with university accommodation and even on-site shopping facilities for students. You might also have heard of two relatively small towns whose academic tradition has become world-renowned: Oxford and Cambridge. Despite their size, both UK towns attract international business, tempting research-based ventures in the high-tech and medical industries to move to the UK.

However, if you’re moving to the UK, you are most likely to end up in London. While historically speaking, the UK’s status as an economic power rested firmly on trade and heavy industry, since World War II the focus has been moving towards the tertiary sector. Today, the UK economy relies mainly on London’s status as one of the leading financial centers of the world.

London — The Center of Everything
The country’s capital, with 8.6 million inhabitants being by far the largest city in the UK, is the seat of the national government. It is also the leading financial and commercial center of the EU: in 2014 London hosted 40 percent of the European headquarters of top companies worldwide.London is truly multi-cultural with people moving to the UK’s capital from all over the world, and generally an exciting place to be. Its vibrant arts and entertainment scene caters to all tastes, from classical to popular, mainstream to fringe, and from retro to avant-garde. Needless to say, the party animal in you will not be disappointed.

Despite its size, London’s green spaces make it quite a pleasant place to live. The soaring prices for property, however, are one of the reasons why many families — even those with an above-average income — prefer to live in the suburbs of Greater London when moving to the UK.

Edinburgh and Manchester — Culture and Industry
Edinburgh — “ed-n-bruh” — is the political and economic capital of Scotland, but with just under half a million inhabitants, it’s only Scotland’s second largest city (after Glasgow) and accounts for about ten percent of its population. With a largely service-centered economy, it is one of the strongest business hubs on the British Isles. Many foreign employees moving to the UK for their careers come to Edinburgh. The city’s vibrant arts and culture scene and its beautiful architectural heritage also make it an attractive destination for tourists. According to the results of a popular poll published in 2009, Edinburgh was voted the UK´s “most desirable” city to live in and the 2014 Good Growth for Cities index published by PWC puts Edinburgh at third place out of 39 of the UK’s largest cities.

Manchester, in the northwest of England, lies in one of the UK’s largest urban areas. It has undergone a significant regeneration process since the decline of the manufacturing industry in the post-WWII period and is now an important location for finance, technology, and the arts. Manchester is renowned for its blending of old Victorian architecture with bold, modern design, and has obtained worldwide fame thanks to its two premier league football clubs, Manchester United and Manchester City. It also boasts extensive shopping facilities as well as an international airport, which makes it easily accessible for people moving to the UK from abroad.


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DATE: 15 July 1971
TIME: 11:00

Super African Expats Yorkshire are proud to host their annual Super Braai B Q 2017 and charity T20 cricket match between South African and Zimbabwean Expats!

The event will take place on the 15th July 2017 at 11am for the start of the cricket and 3pm for the start of the Braai …

Spofforth cricket club has kindly donated their pitch and club house for exclusive SAEY use for the up and coming charity T20 cricket and annual Super Braai-B-Q 2017!! 🏏

A mere 6 miles from Harrogate, Spofforth Cricket Club is located in Spofforth village between Harrogate and Wetherby.

Transport links include a bus route near to the venue from Harrogate/ Wetherby or a short taxi ride. There is also ample parking.

The Charity T20 will start early doors and we are looking for players… if you are interested please let the Admin team know soonest by commenting or by posting on the group! It is for charity so do expect to reach in to your pocket to play!

Team Zimbabwe still hold the trophy and bragging rights! Can this year prove different?

After the cricket the super Braai-B-Q will start and will also be hosted at the Spofforth Cricket Club so no need for traveling in between. Charity raffle to also take place!

There is a cash only bar. PLEASE DO NOT BRING YOUR OWN BEVERAGES. Cool drinks/ water allowed during the cricket.
Country butchers will be well stocked and ready for customers prior to the event, so get your boerie and biltong when you can!


Remember it is a bring and Braai-B-Q
Please share with anyone you know would like to join.
A fun day out. A lekker day and a great time down t’ pub.
Supported Charity for 2017 – Supporting Zimbabwe’s Forgotten Pensioners: http://www.zpsf.co.za Please RSVP soonest.

See you soon

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