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What’s on this weekend in Ireland – Connemara Pony Festival 2017

Tuesday, August 15th, 2017 to Sunday, August 20th, 2017

This festival celebrating the world renowned Connemara pony is built around the long running Connemara Pony Show which takes place each August in Clifden.

If you are in any way familiar with horses you’ll already be aware of these wonderfully versatile, tough and beautiful ponies, and the chance to see so many of them strutting their stuff in the one place makes this show an occasion not to be missed.

In-hand classes, ridden classes, dressage and working hunter classes, carriage driving and show jumping competitions are just some of the events. There is plenty to see and do aside from the ponies, with a dog show, domestic arts competitions, Irish dancing and the promise of some surprise visitors for children – it is a very lively and friendly show to attend.

Most of the events involve ponies in one way or another, from get togethers of Connemara pony enthusiasts and breeders from all over the world, to bus tours which take in well known pony studs and various competitions involving the ponies in action. If you’ve fallen in love with the breed, and have the money handy, there is a sale of ponies in the local mart on the final Saturday and Sunday.
A Show Queen is chosen on the first night of the event, in a competition run in Rose of Tralee style.

Two day sale of registered Connemara Ponies will take place at Connemara Pony Sales complex (8 minute walk from showgrounds) There will be a catalogue available before the sale.

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InterNations Brisbane August Event at Torba.

Hosted by the Brisbane Ambassadors

Starts in 1 week
Thu 24 Aug 17:30 – 23:00

Torba Restaurant & Lounge
164 Little Stanley Street

We invite you to Torba Lounge and Bar to have a great night in atmosphere of a posh style, lavish charm, with Russian class and elegant appeal.

Torba restaurant is a sumptuouse slice of 19th Centuary East Europe with a contemporary twist.

Come over, mix with old & new friends, enjoy fun night.
Enjoy $6.00 wine, beer, bubbles.

Complimentary finger food

Exclusive menu will be available to purchase at the bar.

See you there!

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Tours, sightseeing and activities in Iceland.

Our Getaway Packages

We offer a variety of getaway packages with departures from Reykjavík and Akureyri in co-operation with hotels and guesthouses in the south of Iceland and the lake Mývatn area in the north of Iceland

These packages include accommodation, tours and activities.
Each package has a different theme and therefore different tours are included.
You are of course free to purchase more tours or activities operated by us during your stay or change to a different tour of same value.
If you book a getaway in Reykjavík you can combine it with a package from Akureyri as we can end our tours with a drop off at the domestic airport for your flight to Akureyri.

Reykjavík Winter Wonderland, Northern lights experience , Husky experience, Ice-cave experience, are all samples of themed winter getaway packages that we offer.
All of these packages offer a pickup and drop off service at your accommodation or airport.

Pick up and drop off from Reykjavík:
For packages starting in Reykjavík you will be picked up from tour hotel in Reykjavík or we can arrange to pick you up at the intl.airport in Keflavík.(KEF)

Pick up and drop off from Akureyri:
From Reykjavík domestic Airport (REK) there are frequent flights to Akureyri (AEY) where we will pick you up and drive you to your accommodation. This service is included in our tour packages in the north of Iceland , and on the way to your accommodation you will enjoy guided sightseeing from Akureyri to Lake Mývatn.

If you are planning to come to Iceland you most likely have a general idea about the country.

But throughout the years most of what people see and hear about from Iceland is from the Reykjavík area and the south coast..for example Geysir, Gullfoss, Thingvellir, Blue Lagoon etc.

Iceland has so much more to offer and each part has it´s unique quality and charm.

In the Mývatn area and vicinity you feel like you are on another planet, the landscape is so surreal and other worldly, you can find a lot of volcanic activity and geothermal heat. Here you have Volcanoes, geothermal areas, hot spas and lagoon, waterfalls, mountains, and of course good food and a variety of activities.
When you stay at lake Mývatn in winter there are a lot of things you can do with your time.

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You can join tours or do activities.

List of tours*:
Northern lights safari.
Dettifoss waterfall the biggest waterfall in Europe in terms of water volume.
Lúdent crater and crater row a 2300 year old volcanic crater
Krafla, one of Iceland´s most famous volcanic areas and site of the new Star Wars movie filming.
Ice-cave Lofthellir a 3000 year old lava tube now a stunning Ice-cave.
Askja caldera, one of Iceland´s most famous sunken volcanoes.
Dimmuborgir Lava park unique lava formations that were believed to be Trolls.
Höfði & Kálfaströnd, and Grjótagjá cave. Sites of Game of Thrones filming.
Mývatn area sightseeing highlights overview
Húsavík whale watching
Sightseeing flights
*This list is not a complete list of available tours, and some tours are seasonal.

List of activities available:
Nordic skiing
Mountain biking
Fat Biking
Adventure with the locals
The Mývatn area is on the tentative list of UNESCO world heritage sites, because of the importance of the lake biology, the unique geology of the area, the history and the natural beauty.
The lake is about 37 square kilometers in size situated 278 meters above sea level and contains more than 50 islands.
The landscape around the lake and in many of the islands is dominated by perfectly shaped pseudo craters, formed by steam explosions as hot lava flowed into the lake some 2300 years ago.

Mývatn and Laxá have one of the world’s richest populations of breeding aquatic birds.
Mývatn along with its immediate surroundings, is the only known breeding area for Barrow’s golden eye in Europe, and the harlequin duck.
The size of the lake, its extensive shallows, many islands, long shoreline, dry climate and varied landscape are among the factors contributing to the rich bird life.

Considering the latitude, the climate is favorable. The average temperature in January is -0.2°C and the warmest month, July, has an average temperature of 10.2°C. The area is also one of the sunniest in Iceland and has an annual precipitation of only 400 mm.The volcanic nature of the area is part of the rifting occurring along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, which stretches as a zone of active volcanism through Iceland from coast to coast. An elongated zone of fissures and volcanic craters provides visible proof of the fracturing of the Earth’s crust as the American and Eurasian Plates move apart at a rate of 2 cm per year.

Traditionally the Mývatn area is a farming district, but farming activities are now on the decline. About 400 people live there, increasingly basing their livelihood on tourism. Mining activities in the lake, which started in 1967, were halted in 2004.

The Mývatn and Laxá area has been protected since 1973 by special legislation and is now protected under the terms of Act no. 97/2004. The naturalness of the area is high and has been enhanced by protection measures such as restoration of a drained wetland area within the site. The area and a part of the province Skútustaðahreppur (200 km²) has the status of a Ramsar Site.

Pseudo craters or rootless cones are extremely rare outside Iceland. They have only been found in Hawaii where lava has entered the ocean (littoral cones). Recently, similar formations have been identified on Mars where lava has flowed over frozen ground.

The bird life at Mývatn is unique. More species of ducks nest in the area than anywhere else in the world and the lake and river are among the richest bird haunts in the world. Some ducks, which are common in the Mývatn area, are extremely rare elsewhere in North-western Europe.

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SA vrou in Mauritius vermoor – Sekuriteitswag in hegtenis geneem

‘n Sekuriteitswag van die kompleks in Mauritius waar Lara Rijs (34) gewoon het, is in hegtenis geneem en het Dinsdag in die hof verskyn op aanklag van moord.

Die voorval is deur Shiva Coothen, ’n woordvoerder van die polisie in Mauritius, bevestig.

Rijs, wat Suid-Afrikaanse en Nederlandse burgerskap het, is Maandag met meswonde in haar bed aangetref. Coothen sê ’n lykskouing het getoon dat Rijs ook verkrag is.

Kollegas het glo op haar halfnaakte, bebloede lyk afgekom nadat hulle bekommerd geraak het toe sy nie by die werk opdaag nie, het berig.

Sahib Meerhossen (55) het Dinsdag in die hof verskyn op ’n aanklag van moord, maar staan die aanklag teen, volgens Coothen. Hy is intussen in polisieaanhouding en sal volgende week weer in die hof verskyn.

Rijs was al vir drie maande ’n werknemer by die Geneva Management Group in Mauritius, volgens die groep se uitvoerende hoofdirekteur, Dave Elzas.

Elzas het sy medelye met die familie uitgespreek.

Laurent Potage, ’n familiewoordvoerder, wou geen kommentaar lewer nie, buiten om te sê Rijs se ouers is platgeslaan.

Hulle is glo van Suid-Afrika op pad na Mauritius.

Deur Jana Marx/Netwerk 24

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SA Expat, Can You Afford To Take That Expat Job Offer overseas?

If you are considering working overseas you should find out before you go how far your salary is going to stretch. Luckily there is new research showing the relative cost of living in major cities worldwide.

Singapore retains its title as the world’s most expensive city for a fourth consecutive year in a top ten that may have a familiar feel to it. Not only has Singapore stayed top but Hong Kong remains second, closely followed by Zurich.

The latest survey of living costs by the Economist Intelligence Unit has also seen a return to the top ten most expensive cities for Tokyo and Osaka. The Japanese capital, which was the world’s most expensive city until 2012, has moved seven places up the ranking owing to a sustained recovery in the strength of the Japanese yen.

With Japanese cities returning to the fold, Asia now accounts for half of the ten most expensive cities ranked. Western Europe accounts for a further four cities, while New York City is the lone North American representative. The Big Apple, which rose to seventh place last year, has fallen to ninth owing to a slight weakening of the US dollar, which has also affected the position of other US cities. This, however, still represents a comparatively sharp increase in the relative cost of living compared with five years ago, when New York was ranked 46th.

With the strength of the US dollar moderating and the euro remaining relatively stable, currencies such as the Canadian dollar, the Australian dollar and the New Zealand dollar have appreciated in value. As a result, Sydney and Melbourne in Australia, and Wellington and Auckland in New Zealand all feature among the 20 most expensive cities.

Although the relative cost of living has fallen slightly in the Swiss cities of Zurich and Geneva, both remain cemented among the ten most expensive, in third place and joint seventh place respectively. Joining Geneva in seventh place is Paris, which has featured among the ten most expensive cities for 15 years, although the relative cost of living in the French capital has moderated. Currently, living in Paris is 7% more expensive than living in New York, but just five years ago it was 50% pricier.

Last year deflation and devaluations were prominent factors in determining the cost of living, with many cities falling down the ranking owing to currency weakness or falling local prices. Both prices and a number of currencies rallied during 2016 and, although inflation in many cities has remained moderate, the impact is reflected in the average cost of living.

Taking an average of the indices for all cities surveyed using New York as base city, the global cost of living has risen to 74%, up slightly from 73% last year. This remains significantly lower than five years ago when the average cost of living index across 132 cities was at an all-time high of 93.5%.

Despite topping the ranking, Singapore still offers relative value in some categories, especially compared with its regional peers. For categories such as personal care, household goods and domestic help, Singapore remains significantly cheaper than its peers, although it remains the most expensive place in the world to buy and run a car, as well as the second-priciest destination in which to buy clothes. In terms of food and drink the cost of living in Singapore is on a par with that of Shanghai in China.

Seoul, Tokyo and Osaka present the three most expensive places in the world to buy staple goods. In Seoul, topping up a grocery basket is almost 50% more expensive than in New York.

The Ten Most Expensive Cities In The World

Hong Kong
New York

With the dollar weakening slightly against other currencies, New York is the only North American city among the ten most expensive cities, although Los Angeles remains highly ranked, in 11th place. Although recent years have seen the relative cost of living in US cities rise, the latest ranking reflects a fall for all but two of the 16 cities surveyed.

Meanwhile, the rise in the relative cost of living in Seoul has continued. The South Korean capital, which was ranked as low as 50th just seven years ago, now occupies sixth place. Seoul’s rise contrasts with a fall among Chinese cities, where weakening consumption growth and a steady devaluation of the renminbi has resulted in China’s urban centres moving down the ranking by between five and 16 places each.

Paris is the only eurozone city among the ten most expensive. The French capital remains structurally extremely expensive to live in, with only alcohol and tobacco offering value for money compared with other European cities. The Danish capital, Copenhagen, which pegs its currency to the euro, also features in the ten priciest, largely owing to relatively high transport and personal care costs.

When looking at the most expensive cities by category, it is interesting to note that Asian cities tend to form the priciest locations for general grocery shopping. However, European cities tend to be priciest in the recreation and entertainment categories, with Zurich and Geneva the most expensive, perhaps reflecting a greater premium on discretionary spending

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Hotels Brattøra – in the heart as Norway.

This harbourside hotel is right by Trondheim Central Station. It provides free Wi-Fi and en-suite rooms with a flat-screen TV. The main street, Nordre Gate is 5 minutes’ walk away.

Satellite TV, a seating area and work desk are standard features in all guest rooms at P-Hotels Brattøra.

A packed breakfast is delivered to guest rooms each morning.

Other facilities include a sun terrace, and staff can help arrange canoeing, diving and other recreation.

Nidaros Cathedral, which dates back to the 11th century, is about 15 minutes’ walk from P-Hotels Brattøra. Guests can rent city bikes right outside the hotel.

Facilities available:
– Free WiFi

To view more facilities at this venue then just click on the link below…..

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Pousada da Leide – Brazil – Come and visit us !!

Pousada da Leide offers accommodation on the stunning island of Fernando de Noronha, 1 km from Praia do Cachorro beach.

Simply styled, all rooms come with air conditioning, a TV and a minibar. Rooms are also equipped with a private bathroom with a shower.

Praia do Meio beach is 1.1 km from Pousada da Leide, while Praia da Conceição beach is 1.5 km from the property.

This is our guests’ favorite part of Fernando de Noronha, according to independent reviews.

Couples in particular like the location – they rated it 8.0 for a two-person trip.

Facilities available:
– Free WiFi

To view more facilities at this venue then just click on the link below…..

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Expats in the USA aim to secure our future as ethnic group in South Africa

The wheels are rolling to take the ANC government to task in the USA, through a two-phased action. Through expats in the USA, Front National’s adv Jurg Prinsloo and FN international liaison officer Catryn Bosman will collaborate with an USA law firm and two Republican Congresswomen.

The newest is that our statements and information have found their way through the corridors of power in the USA.

The action is supported by FN to gain:

The international right to self-determination through USA intervention;
and the discriminatory laws, practices and ordinances as concern farm murders, general attacks on “whites”, racial slurs on social media and video clips by “blacks” and politicians such as Zuma, Maimane and Malema. These will hinge on racial incitement, Affirmative Action, Black Economic Empowerment, emigration figures for whites, quotas in sport teams and university applications, land grabs and more than 100 discriminatory laws to be tested in a USA court of law to set an international precedent.

By: South Africa Today – South Africa News

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Wayde Van Niekerk wins silver in 200m at the world championships in London, UK

Wayde van Niekerk finished second in the 200m at the world championships in London on Thursday night, adding a silver medal to the 400m gold he won on Tuesday night.

He might not have scooped the golden double he was aiming for, but he is still the first South African athlete to land two sprint medals at a single meet.

Van Niekerk and Ramil Guliyev were neck and neck down the home straight but it was the Turk who hit the line first in 20.09sec.

Van Niekerk clocked 20.11, edging Jereem Richards of Trinidad and Tobago into third place by one-thousandth of a second.

Isaac Makwala of Botswana was sixth in 20.44.

These are also the second world championships in a row with a South African medallist in this event, after Anaso Jobodwana took bronze in Beijing in 2015.

Guliyev was the only surivor from the finals at the 2015 world championships and Rio Olympics.

It was a solid performance for Van Niekerk who had struggled in the semifinals, nearly missing out on a spot in the final.

This was also SA’s fifth medal in London, making these championships the most successful for the nation; the two gold, silver and two bronze eclipse the two gold and silvers from Paris 2003. ​

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Zambezi Fest 2017 – DERBY !!


Event Date: 17-Aug-2017 13:00
Event End Date:20-Aug-2017 16:00
Location: Beechwood Park

Zambezi Fest is a weekend long party for Zimbos, Saffas and friends, at Beechwood Park, Derby, all getting together to have a weekend full of humour, great entertainment, and plenty of cold beer!

If you’re looking for a good weekend with friendly company like back home, this is the place to be.

Stalls & Sponsorship
From £12 upwards

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