5 Solid Reasons Why Many South African Expats Are Returning Back

Though, most of the South African expats never return back to their homeland, however, in recent years, the numbers shot up of expats returning back to the South Africa. We have compiled 5 reasons that convince the expats to return to their homeland.

5 – Culture

A lot of Saffas fail to adapt to the new culture in their new countries. They tend to look for fellow South Africans, not that they should forget who they are, but it makes it difficult for them to blend in their new society.

4 – Finances

Many of the Saffas move out after securing a job in other countries, however, some of them struggle to make the ends meet for a long time. This make them question their decision of moving out of their place of birth. Thus, many of the people who move out with dream of cosy lifestyle, get disappointed and move back to South Africa.

3 – The Weather
Some Saffas are surprised by the climate of the region that they move to. A lot of rain or freezing temperature makes it more difficult for people to adjust in their new countries, especially the once with families. Thus, many of them move back to South Africa.

2 – Family and Friends

Moving out of the country means leaving behind your family and friends, that is your whole support group. This might seem easy at first but the reality hits you once you land in other country. You don’t have people to rely on, this also makes people homesick.

1 – Never Intended To Stay

Some of the Saffas always have a plan of moving back to their country after a certain time. Many of them are there to study abroad while others might be in any other country to gain international work experience. However, once they get what they want, they move back to South Africa as they initially planned.

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