7 things you should know before moving to the U.S.

Most non-Americans are exposed to America through the glorious medium of TV. We watch shows that give us a sense of the houses, the food, the broad roads…

But there are some things you need to consider before deciding to move to the U.S. based on fact rather than a movie set.

  1. Cash is no longer king
    Basically, you don’t really need cash for anything anymore. Credit and debit cards can be swiped anywhere these days, and with all the payment apps that keep springing onto the market, you almost never need cash in America.
  2. You always have to tip Expect to add between 15% and 25% onto every bill at restaurants, hair salons, bars. Tipping for absolutely any service is customary.
  3. There is too much TV to watch So. Much. TV.
  4. Certain holidays are optional Strangely enough, employers have the right to give certain holidays and make employees work on others. Generally speaking, Christmas and New Year’s Day are days you can skip work, but other religious holidays like Good Friday and Rosh Hashanah, are considered not absolute holidays.
  5. Medication is easily prescribed If you tell the average American you have an ailment, they will generally have a medicinal cure for you, on hand. Drug companies are a massive business in the U.S. and it shows in how easily medication is prescribed and administered.
  6. Those big stores sell just about everything Costco has been described as the IKEA of all things IKEA doesn’t sell. It’s not uncommon to leave Costco with a fishing rod, some clothing, a pair of glasses and some car mats. And then grab a burger on your way out.
  7.  The Post Office does a lot more than just handle mail

You can drop off passport applications, buy stamps and stationery supplies all at the Post Office. And mail is delivered on Saturdays.

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