An Israeli security agency has indicted three Palestinians from the West Bank on charges of espionage and terrorism after they confessed to accepting Iranian-assigned missions. An Israeli security agency says it has uncovered an anti-Israeli recruitment operation run from South Africa. The agency has indicted three Palestinians from the West Bank on charges of espionage […]
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US threatens to cut funding to South Africa

The United States has threatened to cut funding to South Africa, after it emerged that South Africa is among the countries in the United Nations that is most likely to vote against the US.

The US, through its USAID programme, provides funding for South African health services (related to diseases such as HIV/Aids and tuberculosis), basic education, and assistance for small and medium enterprises. In 2016, USAID’s total foreign assistance to South Africa amounted to US$459.7-million.
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Discovering Ireland – an overview of the social, economic and political climate

Thanks to its beautiful scenery and business opportunities, Ireland attracts many tourists and expats alike. If you’re headed to the Emerald Isle to try your luck, it’s helpful to have an overview of the social, economic and political climate.

Located in the Northern Atlantic Ocean, Ireland is one of the larger British Isles split into two countries: Northern Ireland, which is part of the United Kingdom, and Ireland, sometimes referred to as the Republic of Ireland, which is an independent nation. Spanning roughly 70,273 km2, the independent country is divided into 26 counties and much larger than its northern counterpart.
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VN-forum vir minderheidsregte toon internasionale behoefte vir moedertaalonderrig

Amptenare, burgerregte- en nieregeringsorganisasies van regoor die wêreld het vandeesweek bymekaar gekom tydens die 10de sitting van die Verenigde Nasies (VN) se Forum vir Minderheidsaangeleenthede in Genève, Switserland. Vanjaar se tema van die sitting is jeugkwessies van minderheidsgroepe en sluit onder meer kwessies soos onderwys, die jeug se deelname aan openbare kwessies en benutting van […]
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SA Pensions

Welcome to a registered service for South African Expats living overseas, which converts your Retirement Annuity, Pension or Life Policy into cash and transfers the funds to your new residence abroad. This service not only applies to retirement annuities, but includes preservation and pension funds and policies. Please fill in your details below and you […]
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