ANC NEC sharpen their knives, ramp up efforts to dismiss Zuma

He may have had a reprieve earlier in the week, but Jacob Zuma can consider himself on the ANC NEC hit-list.

The party’s National Executive Committee are determined to force Mr Zuma out of his Head of State role, according to City Press sources. He may have stood down as ANC President, but he still remains the leader of South Africa.

Jacob Zuma living on borrowed time as President
However, the NEC are determined to completely oust him from leadership. It was widely believed that a committee meeting on Wednesday would table plans to force Zuma out, but they eventually decided against upsetting the apple-cart on the eve of the ANC’s 106th birthday celebrations. This was confirmed by an ANC insider:

“There was a view that there was no point in upsetting the January 8 events. It would also be seen as opportunistic on Cyril’s part, and there is no guarantee as to how Zuma supporters would respond.”

With the event in East London drawing to a close, no stumbling blocks remain in the way of the ANC NEC, who are reportedly ready to push ahead with ‘Zumexit’. Our Jacob was soundly booed by a large number of ANC delegates when his name was announced during Saturday’s proceedings.

JZ may have even bough himself a little more time by appointing Raymond Zondo as the lead judge in the state capture inquiry. A right hand man to Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng, Zondo is seen as a progressive choice. But, as always with Zuma, there’s an ulterior motive.

When will the ANC NEC attempt to remove Zuma?
By appearing to comply with an ANC directive, it puts fuel in the tank of his defence to stay on. Had he delayed or tried to circumvent the order to appoint a fair and impartial judge, that certainly would’ve been stronger grounds for divorce.

The ANC NEC next meet at a lekgotla on Thursday 18 January, where the issue of Zuma’s future will most likely be discussed. The party’s top brass could decide to recall the President, or hammer out a resignation deal to help him out of the door, rather than booting him out of it.

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