Watch DA’s Mmusi Maimane Roasted by Black Supremacist BBC. “Trevor Manual is not black”

South Africa’s Democratic Alliance, the country’s main opposition party, has elected its first ever black leader. Mmusi Maimane took over in May this year from Helen Zille. He says he wants to represent all South Africans regardless of colour, but the vast majority of black South Africans support the ANC, the corrupt party of Nelson Mandela. How will he manage to win them over and take race out of South African politics?

Zeinab Badawi speaks to him to find out but really showcases nothing more than the use of exceptionally bad interviewing techniques, quite unprofessional with constant interruptions by her, and she is simply trying to paint a pretty picture of the BBC’s creation, (Mandelatopia), and enforce her and her employers black supremacist views.

Her hypocrisy is visible in the her pointing fingers at all the white DA leaders, yet trying to highlight all the “non-black” leaders in the ANC. She even points out Trevor Manual as an example of a “non black” ANC leader. One wonders how often she herself claimed to be black in order to claim some or other advantage?

DA leader, Mmusi Maimane, faced fresh accusations from her that the political party is a white party with a black face in an interview with the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation).

The Democratic Alliance elected Maimane as its first ever black leader in May, after long serving leader Helen Zille stepped down.

Maimane faced a barrage of questions from Zeinab Badawi, a Sudanese-British television and radio journalist on the Beeb’s HardTalk news cast.

Badawi questioned the DA’s continual allegations of corruption charges against president Jacob Zuma for his homestead at Nkandla, which the journalist said are unsubstantiated.

Badawi also questioned the DA’s motives relating to the Marikana shooting in August 2012, in which 34 miners were shot and killed.

Watch the whole interview here:

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