Fly to Brno: the friendly city of Czech Republic

Brno is the friendly city of Czech Republic. This city has a population of 400,000 inhabitants and is a true European gem! Brno offers colourful festivals and a welcoming atmosphere, and is a great starting point for those who wish to explore the South Moravian region. Popular attractions include the Spilberk Castle and the beautiful Vila Tugendhat.

Cheap flights to Brno are now available for a limited period of time, so get ready to be fascinated by this old European city. Brno is the home of Brno-Turany Airport (BRQ), which is conveniently located just 18-minutes from the city centre. Brno-Turany Airport serves a multitude of airlines, including BMI Regional, Ryanair, Wizz Air and Lufthansa. Popular connecting flights to Brno depart from Johannesburg and Cape Town. The flight duration from Johannesburg is approximately 19 hours and 5 minutes.

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Why visit Brno

  • Arts and CultureThe Moravian Gallery, Brno House of Arts and other galleries showcase the rich artistic influences from around Europe. Take a tour and enjoy all the beautiful pieces on display.
  • HistoryFrom prehistoric times and throughout the world wars and the rest of world history, Brno has played a role in the shaping of modern day Europe.
  • ArchitectureMedieval-styled fronts and ornate ceilings – the architecture on the streets of Brno rival no other. Vila Tugendhat and the cathedral of St. Paul and St. Peter share in this splendour.

Best time to visit Brno

Brno is a hub of activity in the summer time when the sun is out and people are out having a great time. The best thing about Brno is that the weather is never really bad, so you’ll be sure to have a good time whenever you decide to go. Most tourists choose to go over the summer months (June – August), and as a result, flights and accommodation can be very pricey over this period of time. We suggest you in skip the summer months, as it gets hot, and also rains a lot! Try spring (March to May) or autumn (September to mid-October) instead, or if you’re feeling quite adventurous, visit this Czech city between November and February. You’ll get to say that you experienced a real European winter and will most probably have better stories to tell than the tourists who had to stand in long queues everywhere, overheating at crowded tourist sites.

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