Fly to Munich, the capital of Bavaria and largest state in Germany

Munich is the capital of Bavaria, the largest state in Germany. With around 1.4 Million residents within its city limits, Munich is rich in Bavarian heritage and traditions. The city is well-known for its famous Oktoberfest, historic architecture and the variety of craft beers available.

Attractions include Marienplatz, the New Town Hall and the Hofbräuhaus.

Cheap flights to Munich are now available for a limited period of time, so get ready to enjoy this amazing metropolis! Munich is home of Munich Airport (MUC), located on a 30-minute drive from the city centre – or 40 minutes by train. Munich Airport serves a multitude of airlines, including South African Airways, Lufthansa, British Airways, Air France, Swiss Air and Turkish Airlines. Popular non-stop international flights to Munich depart from Johannesburg and Cape Town.

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Why visit Munich

Munich is a place of unimaginable wonder and sublime culture. For centuries it has bewitched those who have traversed its scintillating landscapes and historical streets, and captured innumerable hearts with a mere postcard.

While its landscape of glistening lakes, snow-capped mountains, quaint countryside villages and Baroque skylines are extraordinary, the true magic lies in the culture.

For an authentic beer experience, follow the scent of hops to find the legendary Augustiner brewery, or don a pair of lederhosen and lose yourself in the electric revelry of Oktoberfest. Indulge in schweinshaxe and crisp pretzels for a taste of traditional Munich fare. Or witness a world class production at the National Theatre or spirited display of Bavarian music at the Hofbräuhaus.

Grandiose and sophisticated, yet enigmatic and welcoming, the city of Munich is buttoning down and ready to dazzle the world with a cultural extravaganza unlike anything it has ever seen.

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