Fly to The Isle of Man, UK: in the Irish Sea between Ireland and Great Britain

The Isle of Man in the Irish Sea between Ireland and Great Britain is a popular tax haven and a self-governing British Crown Dependency, with Queen Elizabeth II as its Head of State. Under British law, the Isle of Man is not part of the United Kingdom, but Britain takes care of its external and defense affairs. The governing body of the Isle of Mann is the Tynwald, which claims to be the oldest continuously existing parliament in the world. Most politicians in the Tynwald stand for election as independents, rather than as members of political parties. In addition to English, the Manx language is spoken on the Isle of Mann. Offshore banking, manufacturing and tourism are the main industries of the economy of the island.

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See and do
The Isle of Man is world-famous for the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy Race, known as the “TT”, a motorcycle road race which takes place over 2 weeks and attracts 50 000 visitors every May-June. The Isle of Man TT is considered to be one of the greatest motorcycle sporting events in the world.

The Manx Electric Railway is a wonderful period tram ride which journeys between Douglas and Laxey. The coaches are original, with the newest dating to 1906 and the oldest to 1893. It weaves up and down the eastern side of the island, and offers the best views of the coastline. The journey covers a distance of about 17 miles and lasts around 45 minutes.

The Manx Aviation and Military Museum opened its doors in 2000 near Castletown, and has exhibitions of military, civilian and wartime aviation. It is run by volunteers on weekends and during holidays.
Isle of Man Airport – IOM
The Isle of Mann Airport, also known as Ronaldsway Airport, is in the south of the island at Ronaldsway near Castletown.

Food and beverage: Café Oasis, Costa Coffee, Okells Bar.

Currency Exchange: None on site. Comprehensive banking services are available in the nearby towns of Castletown and Ballasalla, and there is a cash dispenser (NatWest) in the main entrance lobby of the Terminal.

Lost Luggage: Lost hold luggage should be handled by your individual airline’s help desk. Report items lost or found within the airport terminal to Isle of Man Airport Security.

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