German bar bans ‘aggressive, stealing’ Africans

The Kreuzweise, a bar in the Konrad-Adenauer-Allee has had repeated trouble with a group of guests from Africa. It has now decided to ban Africans.

Tatjana Dogan, the landlady, is not shy about her political affiliation, “We are left,” she says. The bar is a well-known part of the left-wing scene in Augsburg, Germany. The bouncer at the bar had never sorted guests by gender, age, skin colour or clothing style.

But after repeated incidents with Africans from Gambia over weekends, she can not continue as before, says Tatiana. Because “refugees” from Gambia have been stealing, behaving aggressively and harassing women.

The bar has now imposed a ban on African asylum seekers.

“We’ve had it up to here! There’s no fun here any more. I’m speechless. The boys won’t listen to anyone, they’re incredibly aggressive and we can’t take it any more. They’re out, all of them!” she declared in a Facebook post.
Police had to be called and were eventually forced to draw their weapons on the black men creating havoc at the bar. According to the hostess, the trouble comes from a group of about 25 African asylum seekers.

Some leftists have complained that it is unjust to ban all dark-skinned people from the establishment, but the owner would not budge, even though she expressed sympathy for them.

Refugees from Gambia have almost no chance of their asylum application being accepted, she says. They can’t work, have little money and don’t get courses in German. “That would make anyone frustrated,” she said. “The men need to be taken care of better.”

But she has in fact hired an additional bouncer to keep the African problem out, someone with a “social education”.
According to the police, all those involved were black men from Gambia who live in a reception facility in Donauwörth.

Tatjana Dogan says she does not want applause from political conservatives, but does not want to conceal the problems that exist either. She says she is also responsible for the safety of her guests.

In recent weeks increasingly larger groups of African migrants were visiting bars and clubs several bouncers have noticed. Although most restaurants allow refugees, they do not welcome larger groups.

The police assess the situation quite similarly, says police spokesman Siegfried Hartmann

By: Freewest Media/ Published: November 25, 2017, 8:51 am

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