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Oh, well, this time I once again have something special to share with the readers, but it is of a complete different nature.

I wrote a book about our Olivier family (311 pages) over a period of more than two years. The book is known as Die Oliviers van toeka tot nou; ’n Herinneringsreis. It mainly discusses my parents and our seven children, but I also take it back quite considerably, even as far as four generations of Oliviers before the first Olivier (Hendrik Corneliszoon) arrived in the country in 1662.

It is written more in a style of narrating a story, but I believe very interesting.
I presented the concept book here in Brisbane last week during my 20th kilo-day party (20 000 days since my birth). Since we came here, we have also baked no less than 20 000 dozen koeksisters and at the same time also celebrated this achievement.

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Approximately 75 of our best Afrikaans friends attended the celebrations. It was a huge success and everyone enjoyed it very much.

I only just completed my newsletter about the occasion and sent it to my family and friends, but I think one can distribute it even further and it may just be an interesting story for you as well. For example, there were four high school children who came and recited some of my parents’ favourite poems.

Another interesting story is that one of the boys who goes to school here can read Afrikaans quite well, but talks with a strong Australian accent, and still did it with pride.

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