Norwegian student disappears on Garden Route

A search is under way for a 21-year-old student on holiday from Norway who disappeared while walking on the beach in Sedgefield on the Garden Route.

Marie Ostbo‚ who is studying in France‚ arrived in the town with a group of international student tourists on Wednesday. She was last seen just 100 metres away from a backpacker’s lodge where they were staying.

“At around 6pm some of the group went for a walk on the beach and then returned at around 7pm. Marie was last seen at around 7pm on the beach‚ wearing blue jeans and a white shirt‚ about 100 meters from the backpackers that they are staying (at)‚” said National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) spokesman Craig Lambinon.

“Friends noticed that she had not come inside with the rest of the group‚ they went to look for her but they were unable to find her‚” he said.

NSRI Wilderness‚ Community Police‚ SAPS and a police K-9 search and rescue unit conducted an extensive search but could not find Ostbo.

Southern Cape police spokesman Captain Malcolm Pojie said on Thursday that the search was continuing‚ both on land and at sea.

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21 thoughts on “Norwegian student disappears on Garden Route

  1. We have a beautiful country to many illegals are coming in because the borders are open Its sad that this has happened but other countries should know by now this country is run by nigerians they out no south africans.

  2. Nature in SA is beautiful, but be warned, behind each tree or shrubb in this country, lurkes the devil.
    The people of the world (travellers), are blinded by beauty and do not believe the horror we are dealing with.

  3. I repeat to say all whites that come on holiday from other countries are also going to disappear and get killed. Only if you come from Great Britain you are safe. As Great Britain is giving the South African Government Millions of Rand.

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