South Africa, international pressure mounting

While the South African media remains conveniently quiet about international resistance to the current regime in the country, dr Dan Roodt described it as “already bigger than the anti apartheid movement ever was.”

During the apartheid years groups of people regularly protested outside South African embassies. It is however worth remembering that these protests were funded by various liberal governments, amongst others Sweden and the Netherlands. The United Nations also backed the movement. The anti-apartheid movement cannot, therefore, really be regarded as a spontaneous movement, while the current protest movement definitely is exactly that.

Over the weekend protesters gathered on Parliament Square in London and a huge gathering of people were addressed in The Hague by activist Arine Prins, a Dutch citizen whose husband was tortured to death by farm attackers last year. Mrs Prins, a very good friend of ours, is actively busy spreading the news of the current situation in South Africa whenever she gets an opportunity.

In her speech Mrs. Prins said that Julius Malema sings a song about killing white farmers. When farmers defend themselves to protect their families and property, they are thrown in jail. She called for economic sanctions against the South African government and warned European tourists to stay away from South Africa.

Australia has also joined the movement with another protest march outside the government building in Adelaide. This follows protest actions earlier in Melbourne and Brisbane. A few weeks ago Ernst Roets was interviewed on the influential Fox News in the United States regarding farm attacks, expropriation and racism against the white minority.

An interview regarding farm murders, expropriation of property and white genocide with Front National appeared in a prominent Polish newspaper last week, while activists such as Jonas Nilsson in Sweden, Johannes Scharf in Germany, Ivan Bilokapic in the Balkan countries and Avi Yemeni in Australia are championing our cause whenever they have an opportunity.

The situation in South Africa might not improve in the immediate future, but it is good to know that the world is gradually realising that they made a huge error of judgement in trusting the ANC.

And while Media24 and the rest of the ANC’s liberal media minions in South Africa may try to ignore this fact, the availability of the social media gives us an advantage which the anti-apartheid movement never had. We can spread the message far and wide and there is nothing they can do to stop us!

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