South Africa’s No. 1 comedian Nik Rabinowitz visits London this autumn

Nik Rabinowitz has just turned forty and is on the verge of a midlife crisis. Except that apparently forty is the new thirty, so now he’s not sure when to have the crisis, which is a crisis in itself.

Also, his wife has just had their third baby – so really, he can’t have a midlife crisis – there’s no time. In the meantime, while he’s figuring all this out, he’s decided that instead of buying a Ferrari and abandoning his family, he’s going to put on a new one-man show.

He explores a variety of subjects. There will be stories, there will be accents and – it will be funny, which is all you really have to know.

Historically speaking, most of you will enjoy it very much, a small minority will hate it, and yet another small minority will love it so much you’ll want to give a standing ovation but feel too awkward to do so. To the latter, we urge you to overcome your fears before attending the show, remember – standing ovations don’t start themselves.

Nik’s one-man show comes to London this Autumn for a three-night stint at the Leicester Square Theatre from 30 November – 5 December.

Tickets are available from or by calling the Leicester Square Theatre on 020 7734 2222

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