Stop Cruel UK Government From Kicking Out Frail 92 year old South African. Help Take UK Gov. To European Court

Myrtle Cothill is a frail 92-year-old South African lady at risk of removal from the UK where she is cared fro by her daughter, to South Africa where she has no family or place to stay.

She suffers from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and macular degeneration causing sight loss.  She cannot walk unaided, has a chronic cough, poor vision, is hard of hearing and unable to care or cook for herself. She currently lives with and relies on her daughter Mary Wills, a qualified carer and British citizen who lives in Poole, for emotional and physical support.

Please help fund send her case to the European Court of Human Rights by donating here:

and also sign the petition here:


Having come to the UK in February 2014 on a visitor’s visa, Myrtle’s application for leave to remain in the UK has been refused both by the Home Office and the Courts.

Myrtle is now at risk of being removed by the Home Office to South Africa where she has nobody to look after her and nowhere to stay. Her daughter Mary cannot move to South Africa as she and her husband are British citizens and her husband is suffering from Parkinson’s disease.

The only current legal route to challenge Myrtle’s removal to SA is by an appeal to the European Court of Human Rights and for that the family need your help to raise funds for her case. 

Here is a message from Mary, Myrtle’s daughter that explains more:

My Mum and I would like to thank you for all your tremendous help and support! It is so heartening for us to see that we’re not alone in this difficult situation.

At the moment, the Home Office can come at any time, detain my mother in an immigration detention centre and remove her to South Africa. So we need to ask for your help.

In order to take my Mum’s case to the European Court of Human Rights we need to raise funds for legal costs. We will need to pay an experienced legal team to fight my mother’s case, will need to be able to pay for expert advice and medical reports and other disbursements. The estimate of costs at this stage is in the region of £18,000.

We cannot take this step without your support!

Please donate to my Mum’s legal fund. Any donation is gratefully received, however small. We can only do this with your help!  

The situation is a living nightmare for all of us, but too much to bear for my Mum who is constantly afraid, has immense trouble sleeping and has lost 9kg over the last months. We are extremely worried for her!

We only have a few weeks left to meet the deadline to submit an appeal, so please donate today.  

With heartfelt thanks,

Mary Wills (Myrtle’s daughter)

PS: Any money donated will be used to fight Myrtle Cothill’s legal case to be granted leave to remain.The fund may also cover the making of new applications to the Home Office and legal challenges in the courts in the UK for that purpose if legally advised. Should Myrtle be granted leave to remain prior to the legal fund being exhausted, the money will be donated to a charity or charities which deal with immigration cases such as hers and/or be used for a campaign about the Adult Dependent Relative Rule (as set out in the petition

Contrary to the automated text in the donations page, any funds donated will in fact be sent directly from the donations page of this website to Myrtle’s client account at the International Care Network, and not to the organiser. 


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