SA government has revised its visa policies for a new list of countries whose citizens will be allowed to enter the country visa-free

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Germany, the UK, and the USA have sent an ‘unprecedented’ letter to Ramaphosa warning him that he needs to take action against ongoing corruption taking place in SA

The Maritime businessman Andre Hanekom dies in Mozambique while in custody

A South African citizen charged on terror-related activities

‘The whole of South Africa has turned a blind eye’ to the current situation unfolding in Zimbabwe – a group of around 100 protesters demonstrated outside Zimbabwe’s embassy in Pretoria on Wednesday morning after a 150 percent fuel price increase was instituted

Suid-Afrikaanse veroordeelde pedofiel ,Dirk Prinsloo glo in Belarus vrygelaat

SA teen, 6 others released from prison in China

SA Government has expressed concern at the growing number of South Africans detained abroad – Over 800 South Africans currently in prisons around the world