UK Passport

How to get a British Passport:

To be able to travel with your family with your own British Passport you need to be a Citizen. 

  1. To be a Citizen you need to have an Indefinite Leave to Remain. (ILR)
  2. You would apply for an ILR before your Visa expires.
  3. Your VISA was typically only valid for 2 years.
  4. Your ILR comes with a handy Biometric Card much like your ID – expect to pay around £900 for that.
  5. Before you can apply for Citizenship you need to have your ILR and been in the country for 3 years from arrival – only if you received your ILR through a spouse – all others are still 5 years.
  6. Before you apply for citizenship you need to complete the Life in the UK Test.
  7. Before you apply for citizenship you also need to complete a B1 Equivalent English Language Test. You can skip this test if you have a degree or Higher Education Diploma which was obtained through an English Medium University like UCT or WITS. South Africa is no longer listed as English Medium which means if you are english speaking in South Africa – you are no longer english speaking in the UK.
  8. Once you have these two – there are some other papers like References from Professional people (a professional person is classified as Accountants, Doctors, Lawyers ie: degreed persons) who you have know for longer than 3 years. I had to send my form to SA as I don’t know anyone in the UK longer than 3 years.
  9. REMEMBER – if you want to keep your SA Citizenship – you have to apply from South African House before you apply for Citizenship from the UK.
  10. Lets assume you have all of that – ask your local council if they have a Nationality Checking Service otherwise check on this site for your nearest branch –


Let them check it for you and send it off. 
11. And then YOU WAIT.
12. You will then get a reply or more questions and in the end a date to go to a ceremony. Once all that is done – ONLY then can you apply for a passport!