Hawkish Powell boosts the dollar

The rand lost momentum after US Fed Chair Jerome Powell took to the podium at his first congressional testimony yesterday.

The local unit opens at 13.27/$ after Powell spoke hawkishly regarding the US economy, raising expectations of further interest rate hikes during the course of 2018. Locally the rand also took a slight knock after Q2 consumer confidence dropped from record highs in the previous quarter, but the data still indicated that consumers are optimistic about the local economy.

On the data calendar today: local inflation and retail sales figures are released, with markets eagerly awaiting the SARB’s interest rate decision tomorrow.

Latest Rates

USD/ZAR 13.3207
GBP/ZAR 17.4367
EUR/ZAR 15.4941
ZAR/JPY 8.4887
CNY/ZAR 1.9853
AUD/ZAR 9.7924
CHF/ZAR 13.2854
AED/ZAR 3.6273
SGD/ZAR 9.7356
NOK/ZAR 1.6288<br
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Trade wars are hotting up

The Trump Administration has released a $200bn hot list of Chinese goods to be hit with a 10% tariff ‘after a 2-month consultation period’.

This is not good news for emerging markets, and we are yet to hear what retaliatory measures China has up its sleeve. Speaking of Trump, the US President set off on his European adventure yesterday, where he’ll be meeting NATO leaders, British PM May and Russian President Putin (watch this space closely, or maybe just Twitter).

The rand is back over 13.40/$, and will struggle to claw back lost ground if there is no de-escalation in trade war rhetoric. Locally, struggling national carrier SAA announced that they had reached an agreement with the government to find an equity partner, which should lift the burden off state coffers. It’s England vs Croatia @ 20:00 tonight, enjoy!

Latest Rates

USD/ZAR 13.4381
GBP/ZAR 17.8350
EUR/ZAR 15.7703
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Risk-on drives rand gains

The rand ventured to 13.30/$ yesterday, as ‘risk-on’ sentiment drove emerging market gains (bets are for 1 more US Fed hike in 2018).

The local unit will continue to take its cue from global markets, with Thursday’s US inflation update the next big data release. Donald Trump look-alike Boris Johnson piled the pressure on UK Prime Minister Teresa May, joining the Brexit Minister and resigning in protest over her government’s ‘soft’ Brexit plans.

The Pound was weaker on the news, as uncertainty hit Downing Street. Back home, we have Eskom wage hikes to contend with, and of course the semi-final of the FIFA World Cup to look forward to, enjoy!

Latest Rates

USD/ZAR 13.3770
GBP/ZAR 17.7518
EUR/ZAR 15.7176
ZAR/JPY 8.2997
CNY/ZAR 2.0233
AUD/ZAR 9.9824
CHF/ZAR 13.4938
AED/ZAR 3.6443
SGD/ZAR 9.8794
NOK/ZAR 1.6742
EUR/USD 1.17
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Trade war – and the battle continues

The US is set to implement additional tariffs on Chinese goods totalling $34 billion as of the 6th of July.

China has come out saying they are “fully prepared” for a trade war with the US, with little sign of an end to mounting tensions. As a result, global equity stocks closed weaker yesterday as fears over a trade war continue to do the rounds.

Don’t expect too much volatility today as US markets will be closed for Independence day. It quite possibly could be a holiday in England as well following the Poms narrow victory over Colombia last night!

Latest Rates

USD/ZAR 13.6254
GBP/ZAR 18.0072
EUR/ZAR 15.9064
ZAR/JPY 8.0986
CNY/ZAR 2.0628
AUD/ZAR 10.0942
CHF/ZAR 13.7488
AED/ZAR 3.7101
SGD/ZAR 10.0034
NOK/ZAR 1.6780
EUR/USD 1.1673
GBP/USD 1.3214
GBP/EUR 1.1320

All rates quoted are the interbank rates at time of publishing and shown for ind
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It’s still all about the US

The local unit scored somewhat of a consolation goal on Friday (sorry Argentina fans), as global equities and EM markets ended the week stronger.

Eyes are still on the US though as June Fed minutes and job numbers will be out later this week. The data, coupled with escalating trade tensions between the US and China, could provide more volatility than the Spain vs. Russia penalty shootout.

On local shores, consumers are set to be hit with another sucker punch as the price of petrol is set to increase by 26c/litre. Combine this with higher municipal rates, taxes and electricity tariffs and you’ve got yourself an already overworked wallet. Have a great week and batten down the hatches if you’re in the Cape!

Latest Rates

USD/ZAR 13.83
GBP/ZAR 18.21
EUR/ZAR 16.09
ZAR/JPY 7.99
CNY/ZAR 2.07
AUD/ZAR 10.19
CHF/ZAR 13.95
AED/ZAR 3.76
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Rand creeps lower vs. EUR, USD and GBP

While there’s been plenty of World Cup drama this week (mostly focused on VAR controversy) the rand has been having a less exciting few days.

But while ZAR hasn’t experienced a significant shift since the weekend, it has still edged lower against the US dollar, euro and pound.

Today’s high-profile US reports, including the nation’s trade balance and durable goods orders data, could have a modest impact on the rand, with upbeat data potentially undermining the emerging-market currency.

But we’ll also be looking ahead to tomorrow and the first South African data of the week. SA’s producer price index is expected to come in at 0.4% on the month and 4.3% on the year.

Latest Rates
USD/ZAR 13.54
GBP/ZAR 17.93
EUR/ZAR 15.80
ZAR/JPY 8.11
CNY/ZAR 2.05
AUD/ZAR 10.01
CHF/ZAR 13.67
AED/ZAR 3.68
SGD/ZAR 9.94
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Rand recovers from worst levels

As we all unwound on Friday in readiness for the weekend, the rand staged a last minute recovery against the US dollar, euro and pound.

While high-impact data is in short supply at the start of this week, we all know it doesn’t take much to keep the currency market on its toes. The German IFO business confidence reports could have a modest impact on the EUR/ZAR exchange rate this morning, with improved sentiment potentially boosting the euro.

And there’s more confidence data on the cards tomorrow, this time from the US. Signs that consumers are in more upbeat frame of mind are generally good news for the US dollar, so the rand may start feeling the heat again if the report impresses.

Latest Rates

USD/ZAR 13.47
GBP/ZAR 17.86
EUR/ZAR 15.66
ZAR/JPY 8.06
CNY/ZAR 2.07
AUD/ZAR 10.00
CHF/ZAR 13.60
AED/ZAR 3.67
SGD/ZAR 9.92
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ZAR extends losses against the US dollar

The past few months certainly haven’t been kind to the rand, with the emerging-market currency tumbling 13.6% against the US dollar so far this quarter.

But it appears that the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) won’t be taking any sudden action to bolster the currency.

Yesterday SARB Deputy Governor Kuben Naidoo was quoted as saying: ‘If there is persistence in that currency weakness and it feeds into other prices, we would have to act. It’s not an immediate response, we will wait – because the economy is weak we can afford to wait and see. That may be a few months, maybe a few quarters’.

Today’s high-profile South African inflation report is the main news to focus on, with an unexpected result having the potential to spark yet more rand volatility.

Latest Rates

USD/ZAR 13.77
GBP/ZAR 18.10
EUR/ZAR 15.89
ZAR/JPY 8.01
CNY/ZAR 2.11
AUD/ZAR 10.11
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Brexit Bill:- Pound exchange rates volatile as UK government passes crucial bill

The pound fluctuated on Tuesday, as while the UK’s latest labour figures failed to impress markets, they were later relieved by the passing of the government’s latest Brexit bill.

Sterling appears to be on the defensive this morning, with GBP/EUR muted at €1.1365, GBP/USD edging down to $1.3349, while GBP/CAD and GBP/AUD holding steady at C$1.7403 and AU$1.7637 respectively. Only GBP/NZD is currently showing any real signs of movement as it tumbles to NZ$1.9039.

Looking to today the focus will be on the US dollar and the Federal Reserve as the bank looks set to implement its second rate hike of the year.

What’s been happening?

The pound struggled to advance once again on Tuesday as the currency found only limited support from some mixed employment figures.

The latest labour report revealed the UK workforce swelled by a further 146,000 workers in April, with the rise being welcomed by GBP investors as it drove domestic emplo
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Rand now strongest in two years – Let see how long this surge will continue

The rand traded under R12 against the dollar Wednesday for the first time since May 2015. Dawie Roodt, chief economist at the Efficient Group, says it is outstanding news for the country and has several benefits. The rand improved to R11,95 last morning. Roodt says there are three main reasons for this. “Investors’ confidence against […]
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