South Africans Abroad (SAFFAs) Abandoned By ANC Regime! Some Even Stuck in Foreign Jails, Unable To Get Documents From SA Embassies or Home Affairs!

Counterfeit South African Passports Are Big Business as Other Africans Use South Africa and it’s Passport as a Gateway to Claim Asylum in Ireland & UK

So you are thinking of getting married in Ireland, here is what you need to know

New UK Immigration changes to be implemented

UK Population Replacement Continues – After 54 years in UK, White Jobseeker faces deportation!

Stop Cruel UK Government From Kicking Out Frail 92 year old South African. Help Take UK Gov. To European Court

10 Families a day being Denied Boarding on flights to South Africa from Heathrow!

ANC Threat To Ban Dual Citizenship To Stop SAFFAs Fighting In Israeli Defence Force. Anti-Semitism?

4 Jumbo Jets less per day to SA! Visa laws cost tourism R1.6bn – biggest drop in 2 decades